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Find OPEN Source Free Software

You can Now INSTALL Windows XP(SP2/SP3/Vista/Win7)on your Mac,
you need Intel Mac OS X v10.4.6 - minimum..and, You also need
A Minimum 2GB(4GB-Vista/Win7) of Ram installed..

********* Installing Windows on Intel Mac  *********

OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard - is - Last Mac OS, to use This
version of Boot Camp!..use Boot Camp v4 w/Win7 & Lion!



Important NOTE for ALL Mac Owners:

Example: If the Mac you own today was purchased w/10.4x Tiger installed..
You can install a Newer OS(w/needed Ram), But if it came w/Snow Leopard..
Then You will NOT be able to INSTALL 10.4x Tiger on it, OR 10.5x Leopard..
The reason I was given was, THAT Mac you purchased was Shipped with..
an OS that was NEW at the time you Purchased it, You Can't Install an Older
OS... EVEN if you were to ERASE the ENTIRE Drive, Both the Architecture
AND The Hardware installed in THAT Machine was only Designed to use
what came with THAT machine, OR NEWER!(and here I thought Apple cares)



What is exFAT format

---OS X Lion 10.7, has many changes You need to be aware of. If you're using(INTEL)10.4x/10.5x, or 10.6x You need to be making some important decisions wether you want to keep those.. "Can't Live without" Apps on your present OS..

---Many of those favorite Apps, won't work because they need "Rosetta" in order to work !!...since OS X Lion no longer supports it.. So the first thing you could do is open your "Disk Utility" and make a NEW Partition for the New OS..

---Next INSTALL the OS X Lion, on the NEW Partition... Now when You've completed and Rebooted, opening up your previous OS You will see that other Partition, EXAMPLE:"Macintosh HD 2" and "Macintosh HD"(the one your on), will still have all of your "Can't Live Without" Apps - VIEWABLE and intact' from either drive!..I know it's A PAIN..But Now at least you can RE-Boot into either Drive(from "System Preferences")OR, HOLD DOWN..Option-Key..While RE-Booting..

--"Startup Disk", will be THAT Priority...Trying the NEW OS or Using the Prior OS...The other thing to remember is Now with OS X Lion...even the "Keyboard" you've been using WILL No longer work properly - Thanks Apple...Yes, that's right Unless you bought a New Apple(comes with different Keyboard)

---So be prepared to either "RE-Map" your present Keyboard, or Buy a NEW Apple Keyboard...with this in mind it's critical that you keep that Previous OS "SAFE"... on a separate drive.

---Finally, if you have time READ what "OS X" has on it's learn more about this 10.8 Mountain Lion, and the Newest changes! - (Click on OSX Daily - tips and tricks below) You can Also see those Mac OS X Lion Keyboard Shortcuts.. HERE
Tweaking your Mountain Lion Prepare for New OSX Mavericks


Apples New Launchpad OS X Mavercks, No More cats--But 10.8.5-is faster

iPad compare

Safely Turn OFF your iPad Mini/iPad


OS X 10.5 to 10.5.8 - Leopard    New OS X 10.6x - Snow Leopard

the OS X 10.5x Leopard(last version for use w/PPC)
Mac OS X 10.6x Snow Leopard is still available...
and If you've got the Intel(10.4x)version, you can
upgrade it for $29.00! So I think I'll Wait until
I buy my Next Intel-Mac Machine..(NO-WAY!)
it's now "Mountain Lion" v10.8x.... But wait,
Scratch it's OS X 10.9(no more cats)
No thanks, I'll keep Snow Leopard(10.6x)..!



Mac OS X 10.3x/10.4x Firewall-Note:
The Mac OS X 'Firewall', is turned off by default! - You need to open..
"System Preferences" - 'click' on "Sharing"..then 'click "Firewall"..Then.."Start"  System Preferences - Sharing(View Graphic)

The Mac OS X 10.5x/10.6x 'Firewall'(simpler), is also turned off by default! - You need to open..
"System Preferences" - 'click' on "Security"..then 'click "Firewall"..Then.."Start"  System Preferences - Security(View Graphic)


a MUST Have utility
5-star reviews

Screen Capture(command/option/4), can be saved as your favorite format..
using this Free OSX 10.4x/10.5x/10.6x program, allows you to always save as
PDF/TIFF/JPG/PNG/BMP/GIF..etc.. or for you "Brave Souls"
Open the 'Terminal.. Then from terminal type the following:

defaults write type pdf(or, JPG/or TIF..etc.)


** Mac Application Un-install: **

Easily delete Mac-Apps and associated files

5-star reviews


Goto StartupSound Web Site
a MUST-Have utility - for - OS x 10.4x/10.5x/10.6x
Important NOTE: Set as shown in Graphic !


*** Mac Music and Video Converters: ***

(OSX 10.4x)Convert audio in 20+ formats including MP3/Ogg(Vorbis)/AIFF/WAV

5-star reviews



** Mac AVI/WMA/WMV Converter: **

Convert AVI/WMA to MPG

4-1/2 star reviews 



How to FIX "NO Audio Output", in Mac

Read Below . . .

NO - Sound in Mac

  Or, get more help here . .

No sound from some applications


Oddly enough, the Problem above can also

effect your iMovie/iMovie HD iMovie icon application

example: No Video displayed on screen,

when you try to PLAY-BACK - Camcorder


MAC Maintenance Tips

(1) Repair permissions with Disk Utility(like FREE OnyX) once a month

(2) Backup home directory - burning it to a CD-RW/DVD-RW at least once a month

(3) Run Software Update manually at least once a month


Securely erase your hard disk

Before you sell or give away a Mac, make sure that no personal data remains on it,

After you've copied all your files to your new Mac, restart the old one from the Mac

OS X installation disc. Open Disk Utility and select your disk from the list on the left.

Click on the Erase tab and then on Security Options. Next, choose one of the

several erasure methods that are offered. The 7-Pass Erase option is probably

sufficient for most people, but if you're truly paranoid, select 35-Pass Erase, which

will make it nearly impossible for anyone, even James Bond, to recover your files. If

you're using a laptop, make sure it's plugged in. This process can take a long time.


10.4: Yet another DVD screen grab tip

Tiger only hint, Here's how to take a screenshot from a DVD

in Mac OS X Tiger. I noticed another hint said to quit DVD Player

and all that other stuff ... but that's too much work.

Here's a much simpler workaround:

1. Go to the part of the movie you'd like to capture. Hit the Stop button in the DVD controller.

2. Press the Play button in the controller, and then immediately press down Command-Shift-4.

3. Hit the space bar to take a screenshot of the DVD Player window, then click the mouse to take the shot.

You can do all this without ever quitting DVD Player first.


CandyBar APP

The "CandyBar" Icons Application(ABOVE) is simple enough to use..
But, there is another way to CHANGE - Some System Icons(PNG)
Like - the Trash/Apple(URL)/Finder Icons.. Read below..

Changing/Restoring OSX icons

NOTE: With some Mac versions, the only way to be sure...
is to use "OnyX", then click - "Cleaning" - check -
"System cache" - then "Restart"..


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